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Distraction Strategies

It is a proved fact that you can’t concentrate on more than one matter at a time. But it is also undeniable that there are times when we are stopped or confused due to negative thoughts clouding our minds. It is extremely important to distract your mind from negative thoughts in order to focus on what is important and what you should be doing.

Now, you realize that you have to stop thinking about the disturbing factor but how do you do that? Preventing negative thoughts need strategies and implementation of the strategies which are really simple once you get a hold of them.

  1. Keep your mind busy.
  • Make your shopping list for the day on your mind.
  • Count from 100 to 0 really fast.
  • Do some easy calculation. Calculate cost of groceries.
  • Say some tongue twister repeatedly like- She sells sea shells on the sea shore. Try again every time you make a mistake.
  • Are there lots of people in front of you? Try to guess their occupation. Who seems sick? Who lives where? Listen to what they are talking about.
  • Solve word puzzles. Consult dictionary if needed.
  • Try to remember the names of your classmates from your school. Write down the names you can recall.
  • Do you have any poem memorized? Good. Recite the poem.
  • Try to solve mathematical puzzles.
  • Do you love listening music? Listen to your favorite singer or album.
  • Do you draw? Then draw something funny.

2. Keep your body busy in work

  • Start walking to and fro.
  • Do some exercise- yoga, aerobics or any power training.
  • Clean the window glasses.
  • Wash your car or motorbike or whatever vehicle you own. Make it all shiny.
  • Clean your dirty clothes. Don’t use washing machine- clean them manually with your hands.
  • Go swimming. Swimming really helps to free your mind from tentions.
  • Just do anything that takes up all your energy and makes you tired. But take up only the works you can do.

3. Change the center of your thinking.

  • Tensed while shopping? Count the number of bottles, packets, and tins on a shelf.
  • Exam hall tension? Count the number of examinees in the hall. Who has a mustache? Who is wearing a funny dress?
  • Tensed about being admitted into the hospital? Count the number of beds. How many beds are empty? Who many beds are occupied? When these are done read your favorite book.

It’s not tough to master the ways to stop your mind from worrying. What you need to do is, understand and learn the ways properly. You have to practice these strategies regularly- these can’t be mastered in one day or a few days. You need to make time regularly to practice the strategies of distraction.

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Let Go Of Worries

So you love to worry. You worry about people you love, you worry about your work. No big deal, right? Everybody gets worried. It’s completely normal. Or is it? Perhaps it’s the over worrying you should be worried about!

There is nothing normal about anxiety disorder. If you really get worried about the simplest thing then you should take it seriously and try to overcome it. Anxiety disorder can arise from three sources. They are-

  1. Outer world. Everything related to outer world activities are known as realistic anxiety.
  2. Human behavior like love, anger, sex, etc. related anxiety.
  3. Super ego related anxiety.


According to Psychoanalysis theory, human’s upbringing plays vital role in developing anxiety disorder. Our personality is another vital reason behind it. But let’s not worry about that. We can’t change how we grew up and we can’t change who we are. We can’t reverse time and stop anxiety disorder before happening. What we can do, is fight it and control it before it controls us.

To fight anxiety disorder, first we have to know the symptoms. Well, the symptoms are pretty easy to detect. If you are suffering from anxiety disorder, you get worried about the simplest of thing. You get restless, and then you become afraid. You can’t sit on a place. You go on about the matter over and over. You keep people asking about it. You try to stop doing everything that makes you worried. Eventually you become frightened of normal day to day activities.

If your anxiety disorder is in advanced level, then you should definitely get some help from psychiatrists. But if it is not, then you can fight it with positive and rational thinking. Whenever you get worried, just go through the following steps.

  1. Ask yourself if your worry is really valid. Try to think rationally. There is always the chance that whatever you are worrying about isn’t actually something to be worried about.
  2. Sit on a spot. No matter how tough it is to sit still, don’t pace about.
  3. Tell yourself that by worrying, you are not helping anyone. You are just making situations complicated.
  4.  Keep yourself telling that if this situation was indeed worth worrying, then perhaps the person or matter you are worrying about, needs your help or needs adjusting. Now if you keep worrying, you won’t be able to think straight hence you won’t be able to solve the problem.
  5. Finally, make yourself busy. Do something. Do anything that keeps your mind away from worrying. Do something that needs your attention. Do the dishes or cook your favorite food. Listen to music or watch a movie. Just don’t allow your mind to ponder over the matter and make you all worried.


When you over worry, you lose control over your life. So fight anxiety disorder. Because you are not letting some stupid anxiety disorder, control your life.

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