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Take care of your health.

I’ve had a really busy week, like most other people. I have also had a bit of a cold and sore throat. I noticed that it was affecting me emotionally, I was feeling irritable and frustrated, which is usual when you don’t feel well. I couldn’t concentrate on the work I wanted to do. I felt like I was going around and around in circles and I wasn’t actually achieving anything which was making me feel even more annoyed, I could feel that I was starting to struggle both physically and emotionally, I was getting exhausted. I kept going on. After a couple of days the cold and sore throat became worse. I wasn’t able to complete anything at my work, I was confused and overwhelmed with the tasks at hand.

I happened to notice an ad on TV about a cold and flu product that basically said, ‘Take this drug so you can soldier on’. Even though I hadn’t been taking anything for my cold, I had been ‘soldiering on’. I realised that when I wasn’t feeling well, but kept on struggling on that nothing worked, my work was suffering and so was my emotional and physical health.

When you have a niggling physical ailment, even as small as the common cold, it’s your bodies way of telling you that you need to rest. I had kept on going on even though I could see that I was not actually achieving anything and was getting more frustrated and was feeling even worse.

We are in a society where going to work is valued above all. It’s valued above actual productivity at work and is certainly valued more that your own health. Hence the ad, “just take this drug and get on with it” as opposed to getting in contact with your body and having the common sense to relax so that your body can naturally repair itself. The body is naturally able to restore equilibrium as long as we trust in the process and give it time to reestablish perfect health. The sooner we rest, the sooner we will return to health. The longer we ‘soldier on’, taking drugs to suppress our bodies symptoms the sicker we get.

Once I became consciously aware of what I had been doing I decided that I was going to spend the day in bed. I don’t watch a lot of TV and decided I’d watch a few movies, drink lots of water and hot drinks and doze off to sleep when I felt like it, all the things you do when you’ve got a cold. The next day I felt better. I was well rested and woke up the next day with enthusiasm. I woke up with the solution to the problem I had been trying to solve for the past week. I worked out a plan and was able to achieve in half a day what I had been trying to achieve all week!

If I had stayed in bed the first day I had woken up with a cold and sore throat my week would have been much more productive. I would have achieved more and I wouldn’t have been stressed out. I would now be further ahead with my work.

I run my own business so I am able to take the day off when I need to, but on the other hand I do everything myself so if I’m not working it doesn’t get done. Though you can see from the example that when I was feeling physically ‘off’ it affected me emotionally and my mind couldn’t think properly and nothing got done anyway! Most people these days are aware of the mind-body connection and what happened to me personally this week just highlights the point.

I’ve been studying the mind-body connection for years. I’ve done ‘healing’ courses and read a great deal of books on the subject, though when it came to putting it into practice I was that caught up in my work and what I needed to do that I wasn’t consciously aware of the mistake I was making until 5 days later!

Just wanted to share this story with you so that we can learn to become more consciously aware of what our bodies are telling us and the importance of resting.

Sleep, water, rest, downtime is absolutely essential to our health. If we aren’t feeling well it’s our bodies way of telling us that we haven’t been taking care of ourselves and we need to do something about it.

How have you been feeling lately? Have you been taking care of yourself? What do you do to rest?

Have a Mojo week

Peace out.

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