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How to challenge defective thoughts

In previous posts I’ve been discussing about the importance of letting go negative thoughts and worries. We can refer to all the thoughts that stop us or cause disturbance in our lives as ‘defective thoughts’. There is a certain system of overcoming defective thoughts by challenging them. Today we are going to discuss this challenging procedure with some examples.

  • Suppose, you have an interview or a presentation or some sort of performance/ public speaking event and you are thinking, “I can’t do this. What if I make a fool of myself? I can never face them after doing something stupid. It’ll be humiliating!”

Now comes the challenging part. Ask yourself if the matter is really troublesome. Is it as difficult as you are assuming it to be?

Everyone one makes mistake. Can a mistake from you make things so bad?

“It is really unfortunate and embarrassing.” This could be the answer that appears on your mind. But it could also appear to you that if what you are dreading happens in deed, then the chance of a real long time affecting disaster is very little.

“Am I sure that something big will happen?” ask yourself. After some thoughts, take a deep breath and slowly exhale with your mouth.

Now you have to try and think logically. It’s a practice actually. You have to practice analyzing a situation logically and eventually, problems would become easier to understand and you will be able to control your thoughts.

  • Sometimes it can be difficult for you to accept a new situation. It can happen when you play the blame game. Whatever happens in your life and surroundings, you blame it on someone else.


Ask yourself, “Is it really the person’s fault that bad things happened to you?” “Is he/she powerful enough to cause you so much trouble and pain?”

Sometimes, it’s better to accept something we can’t change. Because if you accept the situation, you can concentrate on facing it. Facing a painful situation is the only way to lessen the pain.

  • Controlling your worries is the primary goal of challenging defective thoughts. And when you challenge the thoughts, take the necessary measurements to solve the problem immediately. You can’t postpone it and take the chance of another mind change. Because your mind will change again, the fear and worries will try to creep their way back in.
  • Tell yourself that you can control the reasons of your worry, your fears. When you understand that your fear is illogical, divert your mind into conquering it.
  • When dreading facing someone or a situation, keep telling yourself, “Nobody is watching me.” “I am not going to collapse.” Repeat these kinds of self motivating lines.

Like everything else, practice is the key to challenge and defeat defective thoughts. So keep practicing, keep challenging your defective thoughts until none is left.


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