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Get A Hobby

Our lives aren’t easy. We don’t get what we deserve every time. Opportunity ditches us, destiny plays hide and seek. Then negative thoughts creep in which, if allowed to stay for a while, turn into depression. Depression is one of the worst feelings to have. It surrounds us like a cocoon and suddenly we can’t feel the happiness, the excitement, and the blessings of life. Depression takes away our better judgment, makes us its slaves. Many of the accidental criminal incidents are actually caused by depressed people. Basically depression takes from us our lives and changes us into some different person we would never like to become. That’s why it is so important to get over depression; keep it out if possible.

As I mentioned earlier, depression comes from excessive negative thinking. So if you want to keep out depression you have to stop thinking negatively. Normally, we think negatively when nothing goes right in your lives. But in the time of problems, it is most important to think positively so that you could change your situation. In most cases, we don’t have much work to do in the troublesome times and a lot of time to spare and think negative craps. That’s why the best way to stop negative thinking is to cut the time for thinking. Do something. Get busy. You can always pick a hobby!

Hobbies are really great for your mental health. Hobbies give you joy and there’s always one thing or another to do when you have a hobby, which gives less time to think negative craps. You can have a pet or two. Get a dog or a cat may be. Get some birds if you love their vibrant colors and melodious chirping. Or perhaps you could commit to a community service as a hobby. Read to the elderly. Or you could pick something you love to do to kill your extra time. Cook, paint, do gardening. Be innovative.

When you commit to a hobby not only it keeps you busy but it uses some of your energy like exercises do. And it is always helpful for your mind if you have a sound body. And when you keep yourself busy, you wouldn’t even notice how quickly time will pass and everything will be normal again.

Things to remember:

  1. Pick a hobby according to your choice. Something that you’ll love to do.
  2. When you have a hobby, commit to it one hundred percent.
  3. If you decide to have pets then make sure you learn everything about how to take care of them. You can’t neglect them even for a short period of time, be sure of that.
  4. It’s great if you can convert your hobby to a source of income, doesn’t matter how little that is. For example, you can sell the birds if you have cage bird breeding as your hobby.


Try a hobby. It feels great and moreover it keeps depression well away. And a life without depression, without negative thoughts is bliss.

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