Values List


Abundance Genuineness Perspective
Acceptance Gratitude Playfulness
Accomplishment Growth Pleasure
Achievement Happiness Popularity
Acknowledgement Harmony Positivity
Activeness Health Purposefulness
Adventure Honesty Relaxation
Aliveness Humor Respect
Authenticity Imagination Security
Autonomy Independence Self awareness
Awareness Individuality Self reliance
Balance Influential Sensory pleasure
Beauty Ingenuity Serenity
Belonging Insight Simplicity
Education Integrity Sincerity
Elegance Intellectual stimulation Spirituality
Emotional Intelligence Intelligence Spontaneity
Empathy Intuition Stability
Endurance Inventiveness Status
Enjoyment Involvement Strength
Entertainment Job Satisfaction Success
Enthusiasm Joy Tranquility
Excellence Justice Transformation
Excitement Knowledge Trust
Expressiveness Leadership Understanding
Fairness Learning Uniqueness
Faith Leisure Variety
Fame Lightheartedness Vision
Financial Independence Love Vitality
Fitness Making a difference Winning
Flow Meaning Wisdom
Free will Mindfulness Wealth
Freedom Openness  
Friendships Optimism  
Fulfillment Passion  
Fun Innovation  



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