Attributes List


Achieved Hans’t achieved
Adventurous Conventional
Abuse (alcohol & drug) Drug free
Alert Dull
Aware of opportunities Ignorant of opportunities
Awareness of weaknesses Unaware
Aware of strengths Unaware
Calm Nervous
Clean Dirty
Clear Goals Directionless
Clear thoughts Confused
Completes Doesn’t complete
Comprehends Doesn’t comprehend
Conscious Unconscious
Constructive Destructive
Creative Uncreative
Delegates Tries to control everything
Deliberative Reckless
Detail oriented No detail
Develops mentally Doesn’t develop mentally
Direction Directionless
Disciplined Undisciplined
Dynamic Passive
Educated Uneducated
Efficient Inefficient
Effort Lack of effort
Efforts achieve response Efforts are wasted
Energetic Listless
Enterprising Not enterprising
Entrepreneurial Not entrepreneurial
Envisions Visionless
Experienced Unexperienced
Fatigue-free Tired
Focused Scattered
Goal orientated Goal less
Good Evil
Graceful Clumsy
Has enough time Never has enough time
Strong physical Weak physical
High goals Limited or No goals
Higher social interests Lower, no
Idea driven Ideas don’t motivate to act
Imaginative Unimaginative
Improves self Stays the same
Initiative Lacks initiative
Innovative Conservative
Insightful Ignorant
Intelligent Stupid
Knowledgeable Ignorant
Leads others Yields to others
Lives from the depth of life Superficial
Lucky Unlucky
Money circulated for improvement Money hoarded
Motivated Unmotivated
Nerves strong Nerves weak
Objective Subjective
Observant Oblivious
Organized Disorganized
Patient Impatient
Personable Distant
Physical stamina Lack of stamina
Polite Rude
Previous success in family Failure in family
Previous success in school Failure
Previous success in work Failure
Productive interactions with others Chit chat
Professional Amateurish
Punctual Late
Regular Erratic
Relationship with others positive Relationship with others negative
Resourceful Helpless
Responsible Irresponsible
Results orientated No results
Risk-taker Averse to risk
Sees the whole picture Doesn’t see the whole picture
Spiritual Lacks spirituality
Stamina Lacks stamina
Psychologically strong Psychologically weak
Relaxed Tense
Stress free Stressed
Supportive family and friends Unsupportive family and friends
Systematic Disorderly
Tough Weak
Trustworthy Untrustworthy
Wealthy Impoverished
Well-behaved Ill behaved
Works in harmony with personal life Works in conflict with personal life



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