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How to Get What You Want – Part 1

There is unlimited potential for those who are passionate and motivated. 

Your life is created by your mind. Whatever you have in your life started off with a thought. Think about it. Your clothes, you bed, your education, your job, the house your in, the partner you’re with. All started with a thought.

What you think about is what you get. Your outer world reflects your inner world. Happy people know what they want and figure out how to get it. Unhappy people complain, worry and blame.

If you don’t know what you want, you can’t get there. You just go through life unconscious, on autopilot, going through the motions.

If you know what you want and are passionate about it. If your mind has something clear and tangible to focus on. You mind will start looking for and seeing how you can get what it is you want.

So what is it that you want?

Do you know what you want? Have you written your goals down? Do you focus on them and work towards them everyday? Most people don’t, and they can’t work out why they are unhappy. Firstly, they haven’t spent the time deciding what it is they want and secondly they don’t write it out. There are a few reasons why people don’t have goals, here they are below.

1. They haven’t been told about them. Do your family and friends talk about their values and their goals? Did your teachers at school tell you about them?

2. They don’t know how. They have never been taught what goals are, and hot to set specific goals. Goals that they want to achieve.

3. They hate goals. Goals have been forced upon them, they have been set for them by other people. They’ve been made to do things that other people want them to do.

4. They just wish and daydream. They don’t make clear, specific, well thought out goals.

5. They fear failure. They are scared to set goals incase they don’t teach them. Or incase they fail and it hurts them financially, or emotional. They’re too scared to want something in case they don’t get it.

6. They fear rejection. They fear other criticisms, judgements, they fear ridicule. People don’t like to see others do better than them. If your family are supportive that’s great. If not then don’t tell them about your goals. Unless you’re 100% sure the person you tell your goals to are going to be supportive and not criticize, then don’t tell them.

The first thing I want you to do now is take time out for yourself to sit down and write out what it is you want. In following posts I will go into more detail about how to write out specific goals that will change your life, in the meantime, get out a piece of paper, or write in your journal all the things you want. They don’t have to be in any particular order. Don’t censor them. They can be big or small. The point here is just to start.


Have a Mojo Day 🙂




Overcoming Obstacles

On the road to accomplish your goal, you will encounter obstacles. How you deal with those challenges will make all the difference in your world.

What are your options?

You could just stop. Surrender. Let the obstacle defeat you. Give up on your goal. Give up on a happy and fulfilling life.

Or, you could accept that with change comes challenge. Accept that overcoming these obstacles is part of your growth and self-development on the path to the person you want to become, living the life you want to live.

You will come up against obstacles, and you will need to figure out how to go around, over, or through them. It is possible that you will be required to change your path entirely. There is nothing wrong with having to find another way to reach your goal, as long as you do take the action required to find that alternate path.

Do not let the challenge become the sole focus of your day. Sometimes the best solutions will come to you when you are not thinking about the problem.

Sleep on it. It’s amazing how the morning can give you a new perspective on the obstacle and open your mind to the possibilities that could solve the problem.

Ask for help if you need it. Talking about the challenge with someone who is supportive of the change you are making, or someone who has made the change themselves, could provide solutions you had not thought of.

Didn’t meet your weight loss goal of the week.

Didn’t pass a test in a course to further your education.

You have writers block.

Didn’t get the promotion.

Acknowledge that the week didn’t go as well as you would have liked, but take a moment to examine why this obstacle appeared in the first place.

Did you eat right and exercise every day?

Did you understand all the material?

Sometimes there will be no clear answer. That’s ok. Sometimes things just happen (or don’t). If there is an answer, be sure to work in into your goal path.

You didn’t understand all the material you were being tested on. Did you ask for help and clarification? Did you do everything you could to gain a better understanding?

The most important thing is not to get discouraged. Your biggest critic is you. Not succeeding does not mean that you failed. Maybe you need to make some tweaks to your plan.

You didn’t lose the amount of weight you wanted to this week. Maybe it’s time to make adjustments to your exercise routine.

Do focus on what you did accomplish. If you lost some of the weight, that’s still something. You didn’t pass the test, but you did sign up to take the course. You didn’t get the promotion, but at least you applied.

If you do start to feel defeated and think maybe you should quit, think about why you started making the change in the first place. Take inspiration from what you have already accomplished, and move forward. Accept the learning lessons presented to you in overcoming the obstacle and apply them to your goal path.

Life would be boring without the challenges.


Have a Mojo Day 🙂

Stepping Stones

You have decided to make some life changes. You have realized what is important in your life, and decided what your ideal life looks like. You even wrote it down.

As I said previously, “People often try to make too many changes at once. This is when they become frustrated, and give up.”

Choose one item from your ideal life list to focus on. Be sure to select an ideal that is not the biggest challenge on your list. Work up to that one by achieving some of the smaller, perhaps easier goals. This will give you a boost and help you realize you can achieve your dreams.

Take your first challenge item and break it into smaller pieces and tasks. Ask yourself the question ‘what do I need to do to achieve this goal?’

When you begin analyzing these smaller tasks, you may feel overwhelmed, that your dream is unrealistic, or feel defeated. There may be a lot of big questions that involve investigation, consideration, and above all some hard work. Remember: living the life you want and being fulfilled and happy is worth the effort required to get there.

If you attempt to tackle a life-change without doing any planning, when questions do arise, you may be stressed to get the answers. By taking some time to plan journey, you are addressing how to take on some of the bigger challenges up front. There will still be things that come up that you didn’t think of, but if you were to wait to begin working on achieving this goal until you were 100% certain you had everything covered, you would never start.

Focus on covering off the big questions. The little questions will come up in their own time and you will come up with the answers.

Once you have come up with the questions that need investigation, consider this crucial question:

When do you want to see this challenge completed?

Setting a deadline for your goal is when some reality checks may happen, but don’t let them discourage you.

Let’s say that you would like to purchase a new home, in the centre of a major city, within the next 12 months. On investigation, you find that these homes are not affordable within your desired time frame. Don’t give up! Carefully consider the reasons you want to live in that location. Perhaps what attracts you to the city centre could be found in another area? Or perhaps living just outside the ‘perfect’ location is more affordable, but close enough to still meet your requirements?

Does this mean you will never end up exactly where you want to? NO! It means that sometimes you have to add some extra steps along the way, creating stepping stones, to achieve the goals that will help you live your ideal life.

These stepping stones become ‘mini-goals’ on the journey. Call them milestones if you like.

Once you have broken down your goal into smaller steps and decided on your timeline, map out your journey in your calendar. Make the steps ‘to-do’ items on your task list.

Perhaps the steps you need to take happen daily, such as eating 8 servings of vegetables per day on your journey to lead a healthier life. Perhaps your stepping stones are less frequent.

Don’t forget to be flexible. If you miss a task one day, work on it the next day. The world will not end. This is not about creating stress. You may also want to schedule time to review what you have accomplished and re-evaluate your final goal. Sometimes you may find you alter your map of stepping stones based on new information, or a change to your vision of your ideal life.

The important thing is that you have taken the time to figure out how to achieve your goal, and can now begin to change your life. Good luck on your journey!

One Step At A Time

The fact that you are unhappy has now become glaringly apparent. You have become aware that this place in life is not where you want to be. But what now?

Unknowingly, you have made the first step: you have acknowledged that something is wrong. Next you need to recognize that no one is going to make the changes for you. You are going to have to take action and work hard to achieve the happier life you seek.

People often try to make too many changes at once. This is when they become frustrated, and give up.

Making changes to your life is like losing weight. You didn’t put the pounds on over night, so you can’t expect them to come off over night. Change takes time. You will need to unlearn your bad habits and replace them with good ones. You will need to figure out what you want, and create detailed plans to achieve your goals.

Another mistake people make is to start with the biggest or most difficult change, without breaking the challenge into smaller, more attainable steps.

A great place to start the journey of change, is to schedule an afternoon all to yourself. Plan to spend the time somewhere peaceful. Maybe you have a favourite park. The important thing is that you are alone and have some quiet time to clear your mind. Be sure to bring a notepad and pen. Do not bring an electronic device. In fact, leave your phone at home. Completely disconnect. The time should be spent focussing on you.

Take a few moments to observe the nature around you. Breathe in the fresh air. Feel the calm relaxation wash over you. You will now begin your list of requirements for your ideal life. Write down everything that comes to mind.

Be conscious of the fact that material possessions will never make you truly happy. A list that starts with ‘I want a 12-car garage attached to my 20 bedroom home with a closet that holds all the clothes I can buy’ indicates you are not yet aware of what makes you feel fulfilled.

This is not to say that the request above is wrong. There are no wrong answers. Perhaps you need the 12-car garage because you dream of restoring sports cars. And the 20 bedrooms are for the numerous children you wish to have in your life.

This exercise is not about analyzing your dreams to decide if the request is realistic. Nor is it about defining what you want to do and who you want to be. It’s okay to say ‘I don’t know what I want to do with my life’. Don’t stress about it. Being aware that you don’t know is what will make you start to look at your life more analytically. You will quickly recognize what parts of your life make you happy.

The point of the list is to begin to see the destination. Knowing where you want to go will help you map out how to get there.

Do not put a time limit on making your list. Once you have written all you can think of while in the park, keep the list somewhere close by for the next few days. You may find you come up with more to add as the ideas stew and evolve in your imagination.

Embrace the feeling created by writing down your dreams. This is your mind opening to the possibilities of a better, happier life. This is your mind becoming aware that change is achievable. You are ready to take the journey, one step at a time.

Have a Mojo Day

Peace Out 🙂


Goals are simply things that you want to achieve in your life. Having goals is essential in life. If you don’t have goals, you don’t have anything to aim for. If you don’t have goals you are likely to keep going around in around in circles not achieving anything and wondering why you’re not happy.

You can have goals can be in any area of your life. Self development, Career, Relationships, Hobbies, Travel, Material possessions. They can be big goals or small goals, having both are good. Long term goals and things you want to achieve straight away.

Here’s a really quick way to decide and implement goals.

1) What have you been wanting to do for a long time but have been putting off?

2) Write it down! This is a very important phase in goal setting.

3) Write down WHY you want to achieve this goal

4) Write down WHEN you are going to achieve this goal.

5) Put this goal on a piece of paper and hang it somewhere where you can see it all the time to remind you. Set the date that this goal is to be met in your calendar and set reminders for yourself.

Start with a simple goal. I’ll give you an example.

1) I’ve been looking at my wardrobe every morning for the last 3 months thinking there’s just so many clothes in here that I just don’t wear. I must get rid of these clothes. (To make space for new ones! LOL)

2) I wrote down on a index card “Clean out wardrobe”

3) “To make more room”

4) “By Sunday 27th May, 2012”

5) I stuck this on my wardrobe so that I could see it everyday. Everyday I put something in a box that I knew I’d never wear again. On the Saturday I knew I had to have my goal completed by Sunday so I spent the day listening to my favourite music, singing and dancing around while I did a thorough clean out of my wardrobe and on the Sunday I took these boxes down to the local charity store.

See how I also made this goal fun by listening to music. I actually really enjoyed doing it. It also made me feel good about myself that I would be helping others out by giving away my clothes.

These two things are important in goal setting strategies, try and make them as fun as possible and think of the positive impact it will have on others.

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Peace Out 🙂

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