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Getting Results

Getting results in today’s hectic world is not easy. We have so many distractions from social media to television programs. It’s extremely easy to get off track and lose sight of your goals. With such busy lives, our personal goals become secondary, when they should be priorities.


In this age of instant information and the seeming need for instant gratification, we have forgotten that change takes time. And patience. And hard work. And persistence.


Just because a change seems simple, it does not mean that the results will come easily or quickly.


When setting your goals, be sure to include realistic time frames in which you wish to achieve results. This comes back to using Stepping Stones. And when the date comes around and you aren’t quite there yet? So what! Keep going. Don’t give up. You’ll never get results if you give up!


If you are consistently finding you are not reaching your goals, perhaps there are some personal changes you need to make. Are you a procrastinator? Have you not met your goal because you always find an excuse to work on something ‘more important’? It’s time to re-evaluate your goals and make them a priority. Perhaps you need help to make yourself accountable. Try a website like


Are you too busy planning your path? Do you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere? Sometimes we don’t realize we haven’t started working towards a goal, because we are too busy planning out how to achieve it. If you don’t actually take action to move forward, you will never get results. The planning and doing do not have to be mutually exclusive. Why not plan out your first few steps, take action on those steps, and continue to create your plans based on the outcomes of the initial steps? At least this way you are moving in the direction of your goal, and every step forward will encourage you to keep going.


Often we are afraid that we don’t know enough to achieve the goal, so we don’t start. We get stranded behind barriers of our own creation. Don’t let your fear hold you back. What’s the worst that can happen? No one ever accomplished anything if they didn’t at least try. Making mistakes is frequently the best way to find creative solutions to your challenges.


Keep in mind that the results you get might not be exactly the ones you expected. Life doesn’t always turn out as one plans for it to. It’s the unexpected results that often lead to the ‘good stuff’


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