Just Be Yourself

It’s funny how people always keep advising us on being ourselves. How can we ever be someone else? Whatever we do, we are always going to ourselves, right? As strange as it might sound but the truth is, it is possible to be someone else. Not in the physical sense but you can become a carbon copy of someone else in your attitude, your beliefs and your actions. Now you can ask if being someone else is a bad thing. There are loads of great and successful persons out there and how come it’s a bad thing wanting to be like them? In your answer let me as you something. Why do you want to be like somebody else when you can be your true self and be a great and successful person?

Imitating someone else is never a good decision. Because it gets really heard to bear the decision and there comes a time when you get frustrated. Shadowing someone else and their characteristics kills your potential. It makes you feel little about yourself. So why choose that path when you can spend the time to find out your inner self and cultivate the characteristics within you that you want to flourish?

Being true to yourself is all about knowing yourself and maximizing your potential. There are people out there who live a life unaware of the fact that the lives they are living- they don’t even want that. It is one of the worst things that can happen to you. So it is important to know who you are and what you want before you get along with the tides of life and forget yourself. But when you decide to be true to yourself, you can always choose which part of yourself you want to be. It’s all in you- the good, bad and ugly, compassionate, brilliant and selfish, the person who rises above all. You have the capacity to become the best in whichever side you may choose. It depends on you, your choices. You don’t have to imitate a popular person to be popular. You don’t have to try and be like someone you’d always idolized. You can be yourself and be better than the person you are trying to imitate. All you have to do is nourish the qualities in you.

An important part of being true to yourself is deciding which parts of yourself you want to be prominent. You have to be wise in that decision making because, since there are all sorts of potential in you, you don’t want the wrong part to flourish and end up in jail! Jokes apart, but what you choose should be based on what you believe is good because that’s what brings you inner peace.

Being a better person doesn’t include trying to imitate someone better. Being better includes cultivating the qualities you want to cultivate and make the most of them. That’s how you become the true you.

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