Live for Today

In as much as you are working hard to achieve your goals and making plans to change your life into a more fulfilling existence, don’t lose sight of what is right in front of you. Remember to always live for today.

Working toward accomplishing a goal is a fantastic thing, so long as you do not allow it to take over your entire world. It’s easy to become so passionate and so driven that your goal becomes all consuming.

Be conscious of how your actions may be affecting those around you. Watch for the warning signs that you may be missing out on the life you should be living:

You scarf down your dinner to get back to your novel writing, instead of savouring the meal and spending time with your family. Or you don’t get to the table at all.

You skip your son’s performance in the school play because you were on a roll with a piece of your project, and you know that there will be another show next term.

You bail out on a night out with your friends, one you’ve all been planning for weeks, because the next step on your path to happiness is within your grasp.

You overhear your children commenting that you’re not joining the dog’s birthday celebration because you’re too busy with important stuff.

You might tell yourself that these are sacrifices you are making for the short term. Don’t kid yourself. Your friends and family are likely your biggest supporters. If you start treating them like they don’t matter, sooner than later you will receive those same sentiments in return. Your aspirations and success are less important to them than the time and effort you put into maintaining these relationships.

Also, although dinner with your family might seem inconsequential today, what you miss out on during that meal might be bigger than you expect. And once you miss something, you can’t get it back. Remember that the little things are the big things.

You never know what could happen tomorrow. Circumstances can change in the blink of an eye. Be sure to enjoy and appreciate those around you every moment of your life.

Life changes quickly. Don’t miss it. Don’t forget to live in the moment. Live for today. Appreciate what is happening right now.


“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” ~ Albert Einstein

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2 thoughts on “Live for Today

  1. Mmm thank you for this! I feel I am recovering from working too hard too long on a passionate goal, which was fulfilling but now I am paying for it as I repair and recharge and reconnect with my kids. It is so hard to find that ever elusive balance!!

    • Hi Sara,
      Glad this helped. It can be difficult. I get so focused on my passion that time just ceases to exist. (For me, but not for everyone else). I’ve started doing something a bit unusual. I have a list of things that need to be done, but there’s only a few things on the list that need to be done on a particular day. The other things on the list, I can do them when I can. I call it ‘Freestyle organisation’ (going to write a post about it actually.) That tends to allow me to work around my family a bit more.
      You have to take care of your health and have that down time as well. If you don’t, your body will let you know by becoming ill, when it starts to manifest physically, you’ve just got to rest.
      Take care and good luck with your endeavours!

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