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Live for Today

In as much as you are working hard to achieve your goals and making plans to change your life into a more fulfilling existence, don’t lose sight of what is right in front of you. Remember to always live for today.

Working toward accomplishing a goal is a fantastic thing, so long as you do not allow it to take over your entire world. It’s easy to become so passionate and so driven that your goal becomes all consuming.

Be conscious of how your actions may be affecting those around you. Watch for the warning signs that you may be missing out on the life you should be living:

You scarf down your dinner to get back to your novel writing, instead of savouring the meal and spending time with your family. Or you don’t get to the table at all.

You skip your son’s performance in the school play because you were on a roll with a piece of your project, and you know that there will be another show next term.

You bail out on a night out with your friends, one you’ve all been planning for weeks, because the next step on your path to happiness is within your grasp.

You overhear your children commenting that you’re not joining the dog’s birthday celebration because you’re too busy with important stuff.

You might tell yourself that these are sacrifices you are making for the short term. Don’t kid yourself. Your friends and family are likely your biggest supporters. If you start treating them like they don’t matter, sooner than later you will receive those same sentiments in return. Your aspirations and success are less important to them than the time and effort you put into maintaining these relationships.

Also, although dinner with your family might seem inconsequential today, what you miss out on during that meal might be bigger than you expect. And once you miss something, you can’t get it back. Remember that the little things are the big things.

You never know what could happen tomorrow. Circumstances can change in the blink of an eye. Be sure to enjoy and appreciate those around you every moment of your life.

Life changes quickly. Don’t miss it. Don’t forget to live in the moment. Live for today. Appreciate what is happening right now.


“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” ~ Albert Einstein


Expectations: Inspiration or Burden?

It stars when we are young. We do well in exams and our parents and teachers become so proud of us. They want us to do even better in the next exam. If we do better in the next exam, they want us to be the best. By the time we grow up, they expect nothing less than great things, extraordinary things from us. And it grows on to us. We want to fulfill what everybody is expecting from us. We want to fulfill what is expected from us. The sky becomes the limit. And even if we manage to reach sky high, it’s not enough. It’s never enough. And the cycle continues. We expect great things from our children- things that have never been done before-things that we couldn’t have done in our lives.
Expectation is a good thing. It pushes you to achieve excellence you would never have achieved in absence of expectation. It makes you try your butts off. But at the same time expectation can be a bit too much to handle. Everyone in this world has some limitations. Everyone can’t excel all the time. I mean what if Don Bradman’s parents expected him to be brilliant like Einstein or vice versa? What if they tried to become great in something which isn’t their specialty?
Sometimes expectation makes your world crumble. Just the constant pressure to be the best alone gets hold of the good in you. It blocks your thinking and stops you from being the wonderful and successful person you can be. The worst part is that it’s not just the friends and family or your boss that expect you to be the best- it’s you. You expect yourself to be the best. So the blame game doesn’t work and it sucks. Expectation becomes a heavy burden on your shoulders which you can rarely carry. Even if you can carry it- it’s too heavy for you to reach the sky with it.
You can’t excel without expectation, without the drive to be better and you can’t excel if expectation pressurizes you to carry on a path which you are not meant to take. So what we are looking at is basically a balancing act. Cut yourself some slack. Shake off the expectations when it becomes a burden. The world won’t end if you are not the best in your field. Being the best would be great but being the best you can be is not bad either. Try and understand your limitations. Perhaps what is expected from you isn’t your strength. Perhaps your glory lies in being a wonderful person who might not be the best in professional life but undoubtedly is the best father/mother/sister/brother/son/daughter and friend. Being the best you is pretty darn good if you ask me. And that is what we should expect from anyone- not the best in the field or world- just be the best you.

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