How to Get What You Want – Part 1

There is unlimited potential for those who are passionate and motivated. 

Your life is created by your mind. Whatever you have in your life started off with a thought. Think about it. Your clothes, you bed, your education, your job, the house your in, the partner you’re with. All started with a thought.

What you think about is what you get. Your outer world reflects your inner world. Happy people know what they want and figure out how to get it. Unhappy people complain, worry and blame.

If you don’t know what you want, you can’t get there. You just go through life unconscious, on autopilot, going through the motions.

If you know what you want and are passionate about it. If your mind has something clear and tangible to focus on. You mind will start looking for and seeing how you can get what it is you want.

So what is it that you want?

Do you know what you want? Have you written your goals down? Do you focus on them and work towards them everyday? Most people don’t, and they can’t work out why they are unhappy. Firstly, they haven’t spent the time deciding what it is they want and secondly they don’t write it out. There are a few reasons why people don’t have goals, here they are below.

1. They haven’t been told about them. Do your family and friends talk about their values and their goals? Did your teachers at school tell you about them?

2. They don’t know how. They have never been taught what goals are, and hot to set specific goals. Goals that they want to achieve.

3. They hate goals. Goals have been forced upon them, they have been set for them by other people. They’ve been made to do things that other people want them to do.

4. They just wish and daydream. They don’t make clear, specific, well thought out goals.

5. They fear failure. They are scared to set goals incase they don’t teach them. Or incase they fail and it hurts them financially, or emotional. They’re too scared to want something in case they don’t get it.

6. They fear rejection. They fear other criticisms, judgements, they fear ridicule. People don’t like to see others do better than them. If your family are supportive that’s great. If not then don’t tell them about your goals. Unless you’re 100% sure the person you tell your goals to are going to be supportive and not criticize, then don’t tell them.

The first thing I want you to do now is take time out for yourself to sit down and write out what it is you want. In following posts I will go into more detail about how to write out specific goals that will change your life, in the meantime, get out a piece of paper, or write in your journal all the things you want. They don’t have to be in any particular order. Don’t censor them. They can be big or small. The point here is just to start.


Have a Mojo Day 🙂



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