Is it really for you?

Most of us can say that at some point in our lives we made a change for someone else. Maybe you changed your hairstyle to impress a special someone. Maybe you participated in a team sport because all of your friends were doing the same.

It is important to be sure that the life changes you are making, or are about to make, are for you.

Take the time to analyze the change you want to make. Why is it important to you? How is it going to make you have a happier life? How will the change make you feel more satisfied with your life?

Are you moving back to the small town where you grew up to be closer to family, reconnect with friends, and find a simpler way of life? Or are you doing it because your mother wants you to be near by?

Are you trying to lose 20 pounds to be healthier, have more energy, and feel better about yourself? Or are you doing it in the hopes that a certain person finds you more attractive?

Are you training to become a doctor because you want to help people have better health, and you believe that helping others makes the world a better place? Or are you training because your parents want to have a doctor in the family?

In all of these examples, the first question should be answered positively. The second question could be an added bonus in that you are pleasing someone else in the process of improving your own state of mind.

If the primary reason for the change is not to ultimately increase your happiness, question why you are making the change.

Although making a change to please someone else will provide a brief sense of fulfillment, in the long run you may end up even unhappier than you were before.

Let go of the notion that you are obligated to change for the people around you. Don’t be persuaded by what society thinks you should do, act like, look like, or otherwise have an opinion about. Change will only last if it is your idea in the first place.

When you look over the list of items required for your ideal life, be sure the focus is on you.

Believe that what you want is attainable.

Have a Mojo Day

Peace Out 🙂

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