Goals are simply things that you want to achieve in your life. Having goals is essential in life. If you don’t have goals, you don’t have anything to aim for. If you don’t have goals you are likely to keep going around in around in circles not achieving anything and wondering why you’re not happy.

You can have goals can be in any area of your life. Self development, Career, Relationships, Hobbies, Travel, Material possessions. They can be big goals or small goals, having both are good. Long term goals and things you want to achieve straight away.

Here’s a really quick way to decide and implement goals.

1) What have you been wanting to do for a long time but have been putting off?

2) Write it down! This is a very important phase in goal setting.

3) Write down WHY you want to achieve this goal

4) Write down WHEN you are going to achieve this goal.

5) Put this goal on a piece of paper and hang it somewhere where you can see it all the time to remind you. Set the date that this goal is to be met in your calendar and set reminders for yourself.

Start with a simple goal. I’ll give you an example.

1) I’ve been looking at my wardrobe every morning for the last 3 months thinking there’s just so many clothes in here that I just don’t wear. I must get rid of these clothes. (To make space for new ones! LOL)

2) I wrote down on a index card “Clean out wardrobe”

3) “To make more room”

4) “By Sunday 27th May, 2012”

5) I stuck this on my wardrobe so that I could see it everyday. Everyday I put something in a box that I knew I’d never wear again. On the Saturday I knew I had to have my goal completed by Sunday so I spent the day listening to my favourite music, singing and dancing around while I did a thorough clean out of my wardrobe and on the Sunday I took these boxes down to the local charity store.

See how I also made this goal fun by listening to music. I actually really enjoyed doing it. It also made me feel good about myself that I would be helping others out by giving away my clothes.

These two things are important in goal setting strategies, try and make them as fun as possible and think of the positive impact it will have on others.

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Peace Out 🙂

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