“Everything you have experienced has served a purpose.”

“Everything you have ever experienced in your life has served a purpose: it has brought you here, to this exact point. Your struggles and your survival and your tragedies and your triumphs brought you here. Tho this night. To this moment.” Brendon Burchard.

As someone who has been studying Self development, Personal development and Self Help for nearly 20 years this quote helped me to focus on the positive things in my life.

I had been thinking about the struggles I had gone through and was getting upset as I remembered the pain and torment I had gone though over the years. I have been shocked at the nastiness of some people and the terrible things that have been said and done to me. I read this quote and I understood why I had to go through these experiences. I have always been an avid student of self development. I have studied rigorously, and read widely. I have always tried to understand myself more closely and learn how to improve my life.

Personal development is a passion of mine. I now read with fervour and enthusiasm like never before. I absorb and understand the concepts in what I study more easily and am able to apply them effectively. The more I learn the more I can help other people. The more training programs I can provide and the more people I can reach. My purpose is to help others get through the struggles and come out the other side a happier person with a more fulfilling life. A person who knows who they are and want they want. A person that can easily and effortlessly express their authentic self.

If it were not for my struggles and the triumphs, if it were not for the experiences I have gone through, both painful and pleasurable I would not be here now, reaching out to those who want to help themselves. I am grateful for all the people and all the experiences in my life and although I have not achieved a state where I am able to forgive certain malicious behaviour but I have learnt how to deal with it, how to move on and how to enjoy my life. My desire is to help others do the same. Without these experiences I would not be in a position of being able to help others. I would not have discovered my purpose in life and I would not be living my authentic life with passion.

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Peace out. 🙂

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